It’s true, I’m a lipstick fanatic. No matter what you’re wearing, a bold lip can take your look to the next level. It’s one of those power cosmetics that gives you confidence as you glide it on… even if you’re not wearing any other makeup.

My current summer lipstick obsessions (clockwise from top):

Chanel 38 La Fascinante, Clé de Peau Beauté R10, Hare Lipstick (Henna lipstick that reacts to your PH balance, it is not green on your lips! Plus it stays on all day), Tom Ford Violet Fatale (looks amazing on, less purple than it appears).

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I’m thrilled to announce my second online course!

Join me in video lessons covering the basics of using watercolor, while focusing on shoes. Sign up and read about the course here- class launches August 13th. Stay tuned for a video teaser!

Sign up to take my previous class over here
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Technology has always been intriguing to me… and I’m constantly inspired by the digital world we have quickly adapted to. Of course things change quickly these days, and a lot of us drag our feet when it comes to change. I’ll admit, I do get a tiny bit frustrated when I update my computer… only to find out the latest greatest computer is coming out two months later. Although, most of the time I’m excited about change. I welcome change because it keeps things exciting. It keeps you fresh and on your feet, constantly searching for new ideas.

As an artist, it’s important to remember to hit the refresh button once in a while. Whether new ideas thrive or fail, art needs to evolve as you grow. I feel this way every few months, and I love that technology gives me the opportunity (and sometimes forces me) to evolve my work. I’m really into Instagram Videos right now. I’m completely fascinated by the challenge of being creative with it… and seeing how other’s will use it. What do you think?

Music | Fireside Dance from Oz the Great and Powerful by Danny Elfman

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There’s something about being home in the South that inspires me. It’s rejuvenating to be surrounded by nature, listening to the great outdoors and stargazing at the midnight sky. As they say, time slows down in the South… and it brings me back to my days as a little girl.

Last Sunday morning, I felt like I was gliding through a scene from Forrest Gump or Gone with the Wind.

I’ve always found it a little funny how growing up I used to see fireflies, rollie pollies, grasshoppers, and butterflies so frequently… playing with them used to entertain me for hours! As I’ve grown, those small friends have become rare sights (especially since I live in the Boston). Being in Georgia reminded me to keep my eyes open, and see the world as a little girl again. Those things are still there, we just have to look for them. Fireflies were one of my favorite things about growing up in the country, and it was magical to see them twinkling all around me just the other day…

Purchase a print here. Painting done with watercolor and gouache.

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling quite a bit, which has given me endless airport hours to spend in my sketchbook. Here’s a quick glimpse inside… SB_3SB_2 copySB_4

Follow more here.

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Sketchbook_2_1 Sketchbook_2_2 Sketchbook_2_3 Sketchbook_2_4 Sketchbook_2_5

See more pages from my sketchbook here.

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The idea of “portal portraits” has been stuck in my head for weeks now. It all started at a friends party. He gifted me one of his cleverly hand illustrated posters rolled into a tube, and I jokingly began taking ‘poster portraits‘ of my friends… pointing my camera through the poster roll capturing different facial expressions of each friend. I’ve been thinking about this more and more over the past few days… and it led me to Fashion Portals. Imagine being taken on a magical journey through the world of fashion viewing moments only through portals…

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My friend Maite got married over the weekend, and it was the most gorgeous tropical wedding. I’m back in raining Boston.. but still dreaming of the beaches and this special moment in Puerto Rico.

She looks like such a princess in her dress!

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Art Print available here

I think I’ve officially hit the age where all of my friends are slowly getting married one by one, and I’m pretty excited about it… because it means having a reason to go all out and dress up!

Purple gown is Lela Rose.


This week I’m heading to a friend’s wedding in Puerto Rico, and decided to give Rent The Runway a shot. I wanted something light and elegant… and once I saw this mint Catherine Dean Godiva Gown, no other option could compare. I can’t wait to get it in the mail tomorrow. Have you ever tried Rent the Runway?

Happy Memorial Day!

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Paris is one place I have yet to see… but trust me, it’s on the top of my list. I envision it to be the most romantic place on earth. Although, I know that the day I do find myself in Paris, it will be so much more than I ever imagined it to be.


Until then, I’m pouring through the pages of the Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks. It’s adorably whimsical, and filled with page after page of Parisian charm.

Head over to our Paris board, where I’m pinning with Laurence King Publishing, for a chance to win your own copy of Paris Sketchbook.


To Win

Follow my pinterest, as well as Laurence King Publishing’s page.

Leave a pinterest comment on your favorite pin from our board Paris.

Winner will be notified Wednesday, May 29th.


Contest open to both US & International residents. 
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Ann Street Studio


Recently I had the good fortune of collaborating with the ever talented Jamie Beck, of Ann Street Studio, to honor amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala in Cannes with LoveGold. Illustration meets photography in a most Golden sense. See more illustrations and read about the live stream gold inspired runway show over on Ann Street Studio today.

Photographs by Jamie Beck | Illustrations by Katie Rodgers for Ann Street Studio

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I’ve been sketching for what seems like, my entire life. It’s something that feels natural to me. Truth is, I can barely remember a day that I haven’t sketched… or at least doodled on a receipt!


Every now and then you have a day where your sketches don’t turn out quite how you imagine them, but that’s okay. Sometimes you just have to get those awful sketches out to warm up your hand. Your sketchbook is your safe zone, a place that is your own and can’t be judged.


I want to start sharing pieces of my sketchbook with you, both the good and the not so good. It’s a different process than my final paintings… but often the most satisfying form of art for me. Sketching generates ideas.


Do you find sketching to be freeing like I do? Keeping a sketchbook is a wonderful way to look back through the years and see how you’ve developed as an artist and thinker.

Find my favorite watercolor sketchbooks here.

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A quick moment to herself backstage. She’s got other things on her mind.

I love solitary moments. Some of my best ideas come from time spent on my own. It gives me time to let my imagination run WILD… and really get in a zone. Those moments inspire me!

Do you ever have times like that?

On a different note, lately I’ve been challenging myself to create more original art (notice a mirror theme lately?). I’ve gotten too comfortable with painting pretty editorial shots, and it’s time I start using my own imagination to share my vision with you!

I’ll try to mix in a few more of these here and there…. so let me know what you think!

Prints available here. iPhone case here.

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Art Print available here

The moment I stumbled upon a picture of Sonam Kapoor in this D&G gown… I fell in love! A brilliant application of floral print on a gown. Worn on the Red Carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

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