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I use Moleskine Watercolor sketchbooks.
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Living in the city, it takes a bit more effort to take moments to surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Some of my favorite city moments are strolling through the flower filled Cambridge residences on Brattle Street in Harvard Square, stopping in my favorite flower shop, or riding my bike along the Charles River; these are places that keep you sane and grounded. Nature has a unique way of inspiring wonder and imagination.

Like Boston, New York City has hints of nature lurking on every corner… whether it be the many blooms outside each corner bodega, rooftop garden escapes, or a cruise through Central Park, nature gives the concrete jungle life!

This is why I’ve teamed up with Miracle Gro to create a short video to promote their GRO1000 project, which has hopes to create more than 1,000 community gardens and green spaces around the world by 2018. GRO1000 is dedicated to enriching communities through connecting with nature.

Post in collaboration with Scott’s Miracle Gro.
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Experimenting with crystals… what do you think? See her come to life here.

Remember when I first used crystals on this Dior gem?

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Valentino Fall Couture 2013

Valentino_2013_Red Valentino_2013

Valentino beauties… In love with the square backs and gorgeous (as always) gowns. Coveting this clutch

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