Continuing experiments with sequins and gouache. Illustration of Red Valentino’s Cammeo Sequin Bow Bag. See her process video here.



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Some time ago, I was introduced to an incredible artist by the name of Andy Espinoza. He works mainly with oils and charcoal, and creates breathtaking portraits and nudes. His romantic hand beautifully captures emotion within his portraiture… which take his work to another level. It’s incredible when you look into the eyes of a drawing and feel something beyond the two dimensional world before you.


Andy and I spoke about collaborating over the summer and we’ve finally made it happen. He sent me one of his charcoal portraits, which I then painted over with gouache. I’m usually not that intimidated to start a painting, but with a fear of ruining his work… this one made me nervous! I think the result is so special though… two different artists, minds, thoughts, mediums, processes, together on one page.


Her eyes tell it all.

Portrait by Andy Espinoza  (Charcoal) | Mask, Earrings, Lips, and Cheeks by Katie Rodgers (Gouache and sequins)
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Louboutins_PostSince moving to New York City a month ago, I’ve been slowly discovering the gems that my Upper East Side neighborhood has to offer. Between Sarabeth’s, Le Paris Bistrot, and Tiny Dollhouse (!!!), I’m sure there are countless other places I’ve yet to find. I believe you can be inspired by wherever you happen to be, but New York definitely takes things to the next level.


While waiting for a table at Sarabeth’s, we wondered across the street to take a peek at Collette. I was swooning over fashions left and right… and as soon as I laid my eyes on these Louboutin Anemones I was head over heels (pun intended of course) in love!

Fine Art Prints available here.
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Painting with gouache is becoming an obsession… I can’t seem to stop!

Especially after ordering lots of new hues to play with…

Sketchbook_2_Post copySketchbook_2_PostSketchbook_3_PostSketchbook_4_Post

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ValentinoShoes_Post_Small copy

If there were only one pair of shoes I could wear for the rest of time, it would be these fairytale Crystal Embellished Valentino Pumps

Placing the sequins one by one to create this piece took time and patience… but of course, the process of a craft is often the most beautiful part.

Fine Art Prints available here.
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Shoes_1_Post-copy-1 copy

Give me a great pair of flats and I’m a happy girl!

 Shoes_3_Post-copy-1 copyShoes_4_Post-copy copyShoes_8_PostNEW copy

Some of my current favorites… 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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I dispensed a large dab of gouache onto my watercolor paper, then a small dash of another color to create a mix. I was distracted for a minute (was going to spread these colors together to create a background), maybe a phone call, so I mindlessly began dragging my pencil through the colors, slowly swirling them onto each other. Soon enough, I had created a teeny tiny face within this puddle of color! The beginning of the paint puddle faces.


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Golden Beauty


Change is important in art.

Lately, I’ve been playing with gouache paint as opposed to my usual watercolor. I’m in love with the thicker texture and the simplicity of the honest hues. It’s tempting me to break out the acrylics and oils again (which I haven’t touched in many years!).

Here I’ve combined gouache with sequins and pale gold dust. The contrast between the mediums leaves me wanting to experiment more…


I thrive on experimentation in art. I’ve spoken about this many times, but I can’t say it enough… art is all about the act of doing. Sometimes you’ll find that you can answer your own questions by trying things… instead of worrying you’re going to do something wrong.


I had an art teacher many years ago, and she stopped me one day to tell me she appreciated my willingness to always try new things. That thought stuck with me… because I had never thought about it the time… now I realize how important it is, and how it goes so much further beyond art as well.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”–Tony Robbins



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As you know, I’m quite the sequin fanatic lately! I find it exciting to explore new mediums. It keeps my work interesting and gives me tiny challenges here and there.

These three *sequined* ladies were created in collaboration with Nine West to don pieces from their latest collections, Pretty Pumped, Urban Boho, and Street Chic.

Let’s begin with Pretty Pumped.

Martina Pump & Pleated Frame Clutch


Urban Boho

Sabady Boot &  Haute Gypsy Hobo


Street Chic

Castillima Heel & Aiden Leather Convertible HoboNineWest_Moto_Post

I had the most fun creating this one… she’s got a bit of an attitude, and those sequin shorts take it to the next level!

Illustrations created with watercolor, gouache, pencil, and sequins.
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Ballet2_SM Ballett_SM

Throughout my time in Boston, I spent many nights watching the Boston Ballet dance around the stage of the Boston Opera House. Now that I’m in New York, I can’t wait to go see how the New York City Ballet puts on a show…

Flip back through previous pages of my sketchbook
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Lady of Mystery


Earrings from my BaubleBar Collaboration made an appearance in this piece (win the entire collection here).


See her coming to life here.

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Lacoste Behind The Scenes

A glimpse into the making of the LACOSTE 80th Anniversary L.12.12 Bags.

More on my collaboration with LACOSTE here.

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Delpozo_1_SM copy

Delpozo’s Spring 2014 collection is a complete work of art. Usually when I’m looking at a runway collection, I can pick out a handful of my favorites… but with Delpozo, there wasn’t a look I didn’t love. What a beautiful world Joseph Font created… and those shoes!

Delpozo_2_SM copy

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, my mind is full of newfound ideas and inspirations. What shows have been your favorite this season?

Since launching my online fashion illustration class with Skillshare, I’ve been thrilled to see what inspires you and how you transform that inspiration into beautiful illustrations. Beginning today, I’m hosting a contest for all of you budding illustrators out there! Sign up for my fashion illustration class, and post your favorite look from the SS14 runway shows for a chance to pick the bag of your choice from Lo & Sons. The bags are perfect to tote your art supplies around in as you travel in search of inspiration. I will be picking two winners on October 15th. The top winner will also receive a special gift from me (perhaps an original painting?!) I’ll be looking for creativity. Post your illustration to the class, and title it “SS14 Inspiration”. You can also post it on instagram and tag it with #paperfashionclass.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with…!

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LACOSTE & Paper Fashion


I’m thrilled to share my latest collaboration with you! I’ve teamed up with LACOSTE to create a special edition L.12.12 bag to celebrate their 80th anniversary.

LACOSTE is a brand I’ve grown up with, so it’s an honor to come together on something this special.


My bag is available for purchase at select stores and online now!

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Emerald Sequins


Illustration created with watercolor, pencil, and sequins.
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