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If there’s anyone who’s excited about the upcoming fall season, it’s me. This summer has been wonderful (I’m currently ending the summer by traveling on an #AdventureInSeptember), but fall is, above all, my absolute favorite. Between the pumpkin infused everything, the cool air, and finally being able to layer, I consider it a fresh new beginning as it comes around each year.

I’ve teamed up with Ted Baker to pull together my favorite AW14 looks from their new collection (which is sparkly and fun!). Follow my #PinPoinTED board here, and create your own look on a pinterest board for a chance to win an $800 shopping spree!

Enter to win, here.

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New York Fashion Week has begun!

In collaboration with American Express, a strong supporter of the fashion industry, I’ve created a series of fashion sketches of some exceptionally stylish New Yorkers.

Meet Helena (above), and see the rest of the sketches here#amexfashion

Sponsored by American Express.
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A visual roundup of a night spent with L’Oreal Paris illustrating The Art of the Red Carpet. Thanks for following along last night! Stay tuned here to see some upcoming gifs  (!!!) of the creation process…

Emmys Loreal_10TrendsWorth

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The Art of the Red Carpet

A night of sparkle awaits! Stay tuned as I team up with L’Oreal Paris to bring awards beauty to life with The Art of the Red Carpet.

Follow the feed Monday, August 25th starting at 8pm EST, to see what #LOrealParisLive magic we create at the #Emmys…


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Ever since I was a girl, wishes have filled my mind and led me through my life. I believe in wishes, and I believe that anything is possible.


Whether it’s sitting under a starry night’s sky, or listening to music on a train… moments alone inspire my wishes most. These quiet moments unlock my deepest desires for happiness in life, and help me figure out how to achieve them.


Of course, I pour my wishes out onto the pages of my sketchbooks. It’s wonderful to be able to flip back through the wishes of my life, and remember how each wish inspired the next.

A small town girl, tirelessly wishing to be an artist in the big city… these ideas were wishes and dreams long before they ever came true!

Having wishes allows you to aspire and often achieve great things that some may have thought to be impossible…

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Post in collaboration with Cartier. #UnlockYourWish

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