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Maybe it’s because I grew up in the south… but I can’t get enough of snow. It’s always been so magical to me! I remember not being able to sleep as a kid if there were as much as flurries in the forecast… it felt like Christmas!

I’ve lived in Boston for four years now, and the enchantment of snow has yet to wear off. It’s one of the most peaceful things to wake up before dawn, or go out late in the night to walk in fresh snow.

Lucky for me, we have snow in the forecast today… and hopefully many more this winter!

Do you guys love snow as much as I do?

P.S. I found the most gorgeous acrylic paint yesterday (used on the curtain above). It’s called Pearl Mica Flakes.

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Don’t forget, it’s election day!

iPhone case available here ($5 off promotion till Sunday!).

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Luckily, Boston didn’t get get too hard by Hurricane Sandy… but the rest of the east coast wasn’t quite as fortunate. Hope everyone is safe and well!

Donate here.

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A quick gif I made as an experiment for a project… they look a bit Mary Poppins-esk, don’t they?

I love them as a graphic print as well…


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It seems I’ve got a thing for red lately!

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When you open a box of new heels…

and wouldn’t it be grand to open a pair of these!?

Happy Friday!

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Sometimes smaller is better, don’t you think? Painted these tiny ladies in the likeness of Kate Spade’s latest collection. If you follow along on Instagram you saw these too!

It seems like I have a dance theme lately…

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Sometimes when I start painting with no particular idea in mind… things like this happen. She’s a little spooky, but I kind of like her!

Happy Friday!

P.S. thanks to the instagram-er who suggested I add glasses to her! perfect touch.

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“Simplicity is not a simple thing.” – Charles Chaplin.

It’s fun to re-imagine things in different ways. Simplifying things is not always easy, but I love how quirky and clever things can be when you see them simply! Go out and try it. 

I randomly started painting these yesterday… and got carried away! Definitely some of my simplest paintings- but so much fun.

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Summer’s coming… and I’m super excited! I’m already scouring the swimsuits.

I’ll be teaching a class on how to make these animated .gif illustrations in Boston soon (and then NYC if you like it!). Is that something you guys are interested in? It’s so simple. Once you have the know how, you’ll be makin ‘em no problem! It’s addicting!

A new Paper Friend tomorrow!

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Watching the Met Gala red carpet was inspirational to say the least. What’s more glamorous than women in couture gowns gracing a sea of red carpet into the Met?

Who wore your favorite look? I absolutely loved Leighton Meester’s gown… illustrated here.

I haven’t sketched this loosely in a while… and it felt so refreshing. I’ve been listening to movie soundtracks nonstop. They bring out that classic Hollywood movie-like feeling! Trust me, creating a mood around what you’re sketching can inspire you so much. Try it!

This photo inspired my sketch.

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Ann Taylor blew me away with an event they threw in Boston a few weeks ago. They chose the most amazing location (that view!) at the Claredon… it really was such a great time. Not to mention all the neon they’ve got goin on…! I’m in love with their neon toed flats and patent bowed heels.

Today I’m giving away this neon necklace… because I know you guys love neon as much as I do.

Comment here telling me what Ann Taylor piece you’d pair it with, and follow me here.

Make sure to leave your email address & twitter handle in your comment so I know how to get in contact with you if you win.

I’ll choose a winner Tuesday, May 8th. Congrats Jourdan! 

Open to US residents only… sorry international friends!

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Are these girls cool or what?! They are so mismatched, but go PERFECTLY well together.

Original editorial shot by Lara Jade.

This week has been so hectic…in a great way! It took me a while to really get into the whole freelance thing… but it’s getting easier and easier to navigate. Let’s just say I had to spend a lengthy amount of time with numbers (excel, but simpler) and start getting myself organized. I’m just about on my feet… and it feels great. I’m glad I didn’t completely crumble in the overwhelming beginnings of starting your own business. It’s so surreal to me still…  because I really love what I do.

P.S. the new RUE comes out today… can’t wait to show you the new illustrations in it. I think they are my favorites so far.

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