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There’s something about being home in the South that inspires me. It’s rejuvenating to be surrounded by nature, listening to the great outdoors and stargazing at the midnight sky. As they say, time slows down in the South… and it brings me back to my days as a little girl.

Last Sunday morning, I felt like I was gliding through a scene from Forrest Gump or Gone with the Wind.

I’ve always found it a little funny how growing up I used to see fireflies, rollie pollies, grasshoppers, and butterflies so frequently… playing with them used to entertain me for hours! As I’ve grown, those small friends have become rare sights (especially since I live in the Boston). Being in Georgia reminded me to keep my eyes open, and see the world as a little girl again. Those things are still there, we just have to look for them. Fireflies were one of my favorite things about growing up in the country, and it was magical to see them twinkling all around me just the other day…

Purchase a print here. Painting done with watercolor and gouache.

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I never get tired of drawing gowns, never. Whenever I’m warming up my hand, I instinctively begin by drawing girls in gowns. It just feels natural to me…


I’ve been using Vine to record my process a bit (although it’s no easy task!).

Click on the box below to see me sketch in action…

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A quick sketch brought to life.

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In Flight


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As you know, I’m quite the snow fanatic, so it seemed only fitting to capture the beauty of the Blizzard of 2013 in illustration form. One of my favorite (and most beautiful) areas in Boston is Copley Square. The Old South Church’s architecture is enough to make anyone ooh and ahh! I took a long and freezing walk to Boston from Harvard Square the morning after the blizzard, and oh… it’s a walk I’ll never forget! There were almost no cars in sight, and just a few scattered people (some on skis). It made for the most picturesque Boston I’ve ever seen.  It was such a perfect day.

IMG_0923-1Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 11.27.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 11.27.15 PM

I’m sure I littered everyone’s instagram feed with more than enough snow photos… which brings me to the giveaway! I’ve taken a photography class here and there, but I’ve never really learned the in’s and out’s of the art. Capturing moments via photo is something I’m nearly as passionate about as illustrating, in fact, they go hand in hand. The same way illustration captures a moment… it’s about finding and seeing that unique moment.

 IMG_0945-1 IMG_0948

This March I’m taking the Camera Ready Bootcamp here in Boston. I’m excited to learn how to use an SLR, and give my iPhone camera a rest (yes I take every single photo you see on my blog with my iPhone!). We’ll be spending the day learning the basics of the camera, shooting techniques, and editing tricks. The girls over at Camera Ready are going to giveaway a spot to their class to one of you! Check out the class description to see if it’s something you’d be interested in here.

IMG_0966 IMG_0996 IMG_1012 IMG_0935 IMG_0926

To Win:

Leave a comment telling me why you’d like to take the class, and you’re class location choice (The Boston class or the Berkshire class). 

Post an instagram with the hashtag #CameraReadyBoston to show us what sort of photo subjects interest you and tag @paperfashion and @blogalacart.

For a double entry, make sure to like Camera Ready on facebook.

We’ll notify the winner via email on Monday, February 18th.

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