Watching the snow fall…

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There’s always been something about snow that gives me the most wonderful energy. I can’t remember a time that the sense of wonder and excitement didn’t come over me as soon as I got the news of an incoming storm. Of course, growing up in Georgia, that didn’t happen too often.

Since living in the northeast, my love affair with snow has not faded even the tiniest bit. If it’s snowing, there’s a good chance I’m out wandering through it’s momentary beauty.

Lucky for me, snow seems to be a common theme this winter in New York City. It surprises me how negative snow’s reputation is around here. Yes it can get messy, it’s accompanied by bitter cold air, repetitive shoveling, etc… but if you stop to look around, it’s really one of the most beautiful sights to see. Your entire world blanketed in a soft glowing white. Snow casts a silence over the city like nothing else… with just the sounds of the winter wind and crunch of fresh snow under your feet.

SNOW_11 Snow_13



The Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.





Central Park glowing in white.


I hope this inspires you to look at snow differently (if you have a negative view of it), and see what a truly beautiful gift it is! 

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12 Responses to WINTER DREAMS

  1. Melanie says:

    Man. I love snow. No way to hate it for me. I love the light it gives off. That may sound crazy, but I feel like days are brighter! I stayed in my jammies all day and read books! :)

    Hey, what happened to the Parker pen giveaway?? Just curious. I was excited about that one. :)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Beautiful photos! I remember how gorgeous NYC gets in the snow. Personally I prefer warmer weather but I do like the calmness that snow brings. All the noise of the city seems to disappear.

  3. I’m truly am jealous…

  4. It is so interesting to see people’s different perspective on things. You see, I am also an artist. But I live in northern Canada. We get snow 6, sometimes 7 months of the year. Our Summers can be very warm & sunny but they don’t last very long. So for me, the snow can & is very depressing. The first few days of it is beautiful, & I can appreciate it around Christmas time but in January, February & March it literally drains all oft energy & I get quite depressed. To me, it feels like darkness…which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it’s so white. Haha! It’s just that we get so much, it is suffocating. I would love to live in a place like New York, where snow didn’t overstay its welcome so I could truly appreciate it. Then glorious Summer could come & everything would be right with the world again. Living where I live & having the winters that I have…when Spring comes, it’s like I’m high on sunshine.

  5. If you would like to see a little about what I’m talking about, my latest post on my website has a quick iPhone video I took I me opening the door to all of the snow we have. This year, we got more snow in December than all the last 3 Decembers combined & within 2 weeks we got our entire average snowfall for a year.

  6. José Cruz says:

    Hello Katie.

    I don’t know if I ever told you this… but, I’ve never seen snow!!! Really!
    I live a bit far from a place in Portugal, called ‘Serra da Estrela’… the only place were there’s always snow! :-D
    But I haven’t gone there yet! :-)

    I wonder… I know it feels cold & a bit wet, but… can one paint snow, even with watercolor, not knowing how it feels?

    All the best to you,

  7. Beautiful collection of images, you really capture a magical spirit of New York!

  8. Karen says:

    I love the snow as well. It always adds a little bit of specialness to life. But then, living in Northern Ireland, and in the centre of a city next to the sea, we don’t get a massive amount here, just a few flurries each year, and it mostly lies on the hills and mountains, so I always welcome it. My friends that drive think very differently …

  9. lee says:

    it looks so beautiful and soft there with the snow, we have a ton of snow where I live in Canada, when it first snows it looks good, but after a winter of it, its black, icy and I just want it gone

  10. Catherine says:

    Love the snow! I know what you mean about it getting a bad rep. I grew up in Canada and loved everytime it snowed, even if it meant walking through a snow storm or waiting at the bus stop. It’s beautiful and there’s something so magical and serene about it, even if it stayed around for half of the year. Now that I live in California, I miss the snow filled winters and long for them. I feel sorry for those who didn’t grow up experiencing it. I’ve always been a cold person and prefer colder temperatures so for me. I know it’s tiresome/bothersome for people, and yes it’s dangerous (visibility and driving in it is scary) but going from a snow climate to one with none at all (and barely even any rain. Please send some to us!) it makes you miss it and appreciate it’s beauty more. Lovely set of pictures..thanks so much for sharing and helping me relive my memories!

  11. Ashley says:

    Beautiful photos! There is nothing more lovely than fresh white snow. I love fluffy soft snow, and also the hard crystalline kind that sparkles like glitter. Yesterday it was blustery and windy and blowy here, and it felt like we were inside a snowglobe.

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