Emerald Sequins


Illustration created with watercolor, pencil, and sequins.
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4 Responses to Emerald Sequins

  1. José Cruz says:

    Hi Katie!!!
    This illustration is absolutely fabulous. It’s simple, it’s colorful and it’s stylish!!
    The sequins look so small… but they do wonders to this illustration!

    I once told you that I (easy) react to anything green!!! But this one is simply beautiful!!!

    Fashion week has been fruitful, right?! ;-)

    Have a great week!!!

  2. marie says:

    I really love this.

  3. Carol says:


  4. Afarin says:

    Hi. I love this and I have a huge(!) question:
    How do you apply glitter and sequins? I have problems with glue!

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