The Art of Handwriting

Having been to a lot of museums as of late, it got me thinking about handwriting…

Handwriting_1In most of the exhibits I visited, there were displays of handwritten notes to and from the artist to friends or other well known figures. The letters were more often than not written in a fine black ink… in a calligraphic or cursive style. They were gorgeous documentations of a fleeting art. What will our ancestors have to remember our correspondence with one another? Printed emails? 

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Ever since I received my Parker Pen, I’ve been sketching and writing away in my sketchbook (I love how water reacts to the inks). There’s something so glamorous about an organic handwriting… it creates a certain romance on paper no matter what the words may be.


A beautiful pen can be inspiring in itself, don’t you think?


What about you, do you still handwrite letters? Who doesn’t like getting a beautiful piece of mail!?

Happy National Handwriting Day!

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16 Responses to The Art of Handwriting

  1. I actually just wrote out thank you letters to my family and close family friends! I love writing letters but I like receiving them even more!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I still hand write, especially to my grandparents. They live in South America and I am in Florida.
    I fell in love with your Parker pen. I was gonna treat myself, but the price is high at $110. Maybe someone will get me one for Valentine’s Day. :)

  3. Lucy Goretti says:

    My best friend and I have been writing letters to each other for almost 10 years now, we text almost every day but it’s so great to get a letter from her every once in a while with random ramblings and sketches especially now that we live in different cities.

    Btw love your illustrations X

  4. Miranda says:

    ah yes, i love handwriting too. if had the money i’d love to take a calligraphy course. i’ve read online that many schools no longer teach children cursive. i think it’s a shame. while it’s not a necessary skill i think it’s a nice one to have!! we’re too reliant on technology.

  5. José Cruz says:

    Hi Katie!
    How are you? :)
    Many years ago I fell in love with handwriting…
    We can learn a lot about a person from calligraphy! Every single person as a specific kind of writing, even if they’re twins! :)
    It’s like a ‘fingerprint’!

    To me, handwriting is very nostalgic!

    Specially since, most of the time I have to use my Mac to send e-mails, instead of letters. I write many letters and enjoy the expectation of waiting for something to arrive in mail! Awkward… isn’t it! Going to the post office is always funny for me! Ever since I was a child… Oh!!! And I love to receive mail!!! Specially when is unexpected!!! ;)

    Also, I like to collect stamps! They’re like tinny drawings or pictures!!:P
    Ever though about making your own stamps!!! Paperfashion stamps!!!! :)


  6. Philippa says:

    Gosh, your handwriting is just as amazing as your illustrations.

    I find it quite sad that handwriting appears to be a dying art form. I really want to start writing letters and sending more postcards when I go on holiday. There’s nothing pretty about a plain old email :/


  7. Erisha says:

    I’ve always loved making handmade greeting cards with vintage stamps and glitter and such. I’ll make them for no particular occasion and send them to friends. But no one else I know does this, ever.

  8. Nancy says:

    Nothing beats a handwritten note! I haven’t really thought of how in the future there will be so many less historical written notes than their have been in the past…how interesting and sad. Another great reason to remember to take a break from email and texting and just send a nice note! I am still a stickler for a great note and always try to send a handwritten thank you note!
    I only wish my handwriting was as pretty as yours!!

  9. Natalie says:

    I write handwritten notes to friends who have moved. We keep up online too, but taking the time to write a note makes me stop and think about them. I can’t help the smile when I get a letter in the mail. That feeling never gets old so it’s nice to know my letter is kind of like a smile in the mail.

  10. Ezgi says:

    I love handwriting! And I love handwritten mail, as well. Have you heard about Postcrossing? It’s a platform where you join and send and receive postcards to/from all over the world. You could enjoy that :) I’m already jealous of the people who’d receive cards from you!

  11. rhomany says:

    I’m obsessed with handwriting and miss the days of snail mail letters. I keep a journal but there’s something magical about receiving a handwritten letter.
    One of my favourite hands is that of Vivienne Westwood who has beautiful penship.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I love hand writing things, especially in cursive. It feels so much more meaningful and deliberate, permanent too. A younger cousin of mine told me that they don’t teach cursive in school anymore– I was shocked! How will they take notes in college or sign their names?

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  13. Sayanti says:

    Hand written notes or letters are the prettiest things. I still send out handwritten letters, i write in my journal everyday. And whats truly amazing is how one’s writing changes over time. It amuses me to see how my handwriting also reflects my state of mind at a given point. Writing can express so much. It adds such a personal edge to everything.

  14. Lady ID says:

    I LOVE handwriting. I have about six fountain pens with different nibs. My current is a Noodler’s Ink flex nib for the line variation in old school lettering. I use it every day. I also have a bunch of inks, cards, papers.

    I love to write notes and cards. Even writing out the address with flourishes is so much fun. I think it’s nice to get something handwritten instead of bills and similar paperwork.

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  16. Emily says:

    I just ordered the Parker 5th Pen after seeing one of the photos above on Pinterest. BTW, your handwriting is lovely. I ordered the slim version that has a finer point. Unfortunately, they do not offer any colors other than blue and black with the finer tip. I assume that yours is the medium tip since the color of your ink is different. Is the ink refill you are using the burgundy red? The color in the photos above look more like a magenta that would be lighter than burgundy or red. I look forward to your response. Thank you!

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