Sometimes smaller is better, don’t you think? Painted these tiny ladies in the likeness of Kate Spade’s latest collection. If you follow along on Instagram you saw these too!

It seems like I have a dance theme lately…

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6 Responses to TINY DANCERS

  1. anto says:

    You are always surprising me with really cute art that makes me smile. These are adorable and I love the fact that they move.

  2. joanna says:

    katie, this is AWESOME!!!

  3. Love this! Adorable!

  4. Sabina says:

    So freakin’ cute! They’re actually making me laugh.

  5. Sherilyn says:

    Hey Katie!
    They are all so adorable! I think that you should have this as one of the iPhone casing design! (:

  6. Liz says:

    so cute! I love this!


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