Runway looks from Oscar de la Renta… can you tell I’m obsessed with this collection?

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4 Responses to OSCAR FLASH

  1. rita says:

    um, i love all of your work, but this may just be my very favorite yet. loved the collections but i’m even more obsessed with your interpretations of the collection!

  2. anto says:

    I am absolutely loving your take on NYFW Katie. Oh and by the way, I watched your video for Kmart and it was really inspiring. :)

  3. Hi Katie!

    It’s okay, I’m obsessed too. Really. I seriously am INLOVE with this collection. It’s by far, in my opinion, the best full collection I’ve seen in a WHILE. I love it, there’s so many fabulous looks! I love the striped dress, the long pink one towards the end (57), 53, 51, 38, I could go on and on haha! When I first saw this collection, I think I pinned about 15-20 looks lol.

    I love you illustrations of this collection! I was so pleased when you started posting your Oscar dresses in IG. One of my #1 designers + my #1 favorite fashion illustrator = glorious.

  4. Carol says:

    I just love the stars! I do see everything else too, but the stars are super fun=0)

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