These two talented ladies are the creators of Show Me Your Mumu, a fashion label that sells… you guessed it, MUMUs!

Cammy and I went to school together back in the day, and when she commissioned this painting of her and her business partner… I was all over it! The Día de los Muertos inspired photo shoot they did was absolutely stunning, so it made my job of translating it to an illustration a breeze. I’m also dying over the skirts they’re wearing… which will be part of their SS13 collection. Check out their online shop here!

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2 Responses to SHOW ME YOUR MUMU

  1. Infashuated says:

    Nice illustration Katie, I love the colors & tiny details on their face. I checked their website, they have a strong print story as well. Good stuff!

  2. White Bazaar says:

    Love this, their faces look amazing!

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