Okay guys, It’s official! I’ll be teaching my first fashion illustration class next month in NYC.

I’ve teamed up with Skillshare to start showing you guys a thing or two about illustration. Each student will receive a pack of some of my favorite supplies to get started (included in class price). No watercolor this time, but I’ll be offering that class a little later on. Let’s tackle sketching first!

Oh, and you won’t want to miss this! Racked is sponsoring my class, and offering each student a $10 scholarship towards my class.

Read more and sign up here. Hurry, there are only twelve spots in this class! SOLD OUT.

I’m looking forward to creating whimsical illustrations with you…

As this is my first class, I’m offering it at an introductory price, so please be sure to take advantage of it! 

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  1. anto says:

    oh my, this is amazing! I’m so sad that I’m not in NY, I would totally go.

  2. bec says:

    Hey Katie, where is the class being held in nyc?

    • paperfashion says:

      We’re still figuring that out! It will be somewhere in Manhattan! Stay tuned…

  3. ali labelle says:

    teach one in LA! please!

  4. Jane says:

    So sad to miss this. Please take your class on the road. You’d have a hoard of students in Portland and I’d be first in line!

  5. Amelia says:

    Please do a class in Boston/Cambridge!

  6. fatima b says:

    what was the price of the class?
    wish u could do one in DC :)

  7. Erisha says:

    If I lived in NY I would definitely take this. But thanks SO much for posting painting tips/tutorials – I recently started (trying…sigh) to paint fashion, and the quality paints/brush you suggested made 100% difference! Now I just want to sit and paint with them all day!

  8. Eise says:

    It would be so great if you could make podcasts or even online videos of your classes. I would definitely purchase :)

  9. Kelly says:

    Online course, pretty please!! I would trip over myself to sign up for it. :) Very happy for the lucky NYC folks that get to work with you in person. Have FUN!

  10. Nancy says:

    So sad that I dont live in the city! Im sure the class will be great! And congratulations on it being sold out so quickly! How exciting!

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  12. Wendy says:

    I sign up for you class there was 6 opening left. Super excited to attend!! Cant wait!!!!

  13. Patricia says:

    If you have any cancellations please e mail me!!

  14. Haimee says:

    Wish I could be in NYC for it… can you tell those of us who can’t make it what’s in your essential sketching kit?

  15. Sarah says:

    Any chance of an e-course? I’d love to learn more but I’m in TN. Think about it!!!

  16. tarcey says:

    an e-course would be so great!

  17. Jess says:

    Yes, online please!!!

  18. Kristen says:

    ??will there be another one in NYC for next month would love to attend!!!

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