This week I’m visiting Georgia- where I grew up. Whenever I’m here, time slows down… It’s a nice change of pace, and the weather is unbelievable. Breezy, warm, and perfect.

My parents sold the house we grew up in today, and tomorrow we’re moving out for good. It’s a big change, and a bittersweet one. We had our last bonfire here last night- I’m definitely going to miss the openness of living in the country… I mean this is the place I learned to paint, back when I was obsessed with drawing horses

I’ve been going through all of my old things sorting what to keep, and what to get rid of. I’m blown away by how much artwork I’ve accumulated over my 26 years! I wish I could keep it all… but it’s just too much to lug around from place to place. I try to keep things that show progress in my work though… things that show how and why my art looks the way it does now.

I found my jewelry box from when I was a little girl… I guess I didn’t wear much jewelry because all I found in there were a few rocks, marbles, perfect attendance medal, and a monopoly piece.

I feel like I’ve been traveling so much the past few weeks, which is obviously why my posts have slowed down a bit. I’ve got lots of new things to share with you soon though! Hope you’re all having a great Monday.

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  1. José Cruz says:

    Dear Katie…
    Change is always awkward.
    It feels like your living part of yourself behind, so that you can make room for new ‘adventures’. For me, one of the most hard things to do is, to make sure I don’t forget the memories I treasure (specially if they’re related to family and friends). Like you, a few years ago, I had to do some cleaning to my house basement. The amount of artwork I’ve accumulated was unbearable!!!!!! Some of it went to the trash (I miss all that art…). I decided I should keep only what was more important and ‘historical’! :)
    I know the feeling! And I hope that you – like myself did – are strong and capable of learning with this process!
    Oh! And don’t ever stop drawing!

    Thank’s for taking the time to read my message! All the best! :)

  2. I live (and blog) from Georgia! It’s definitely bittersweet moving on from such a huge and wonderful part of your life, but stay positive and keep thinking about all of the amazing things to come!

    PS-I had that same jewelry box when I was little! (I think your ballerina is missing her skirt ;) )

    I’d love for you to check out my blog.

    xo, S

    • paperfashion says:

      oh a fellow georgian! :) and yes shes missing her skirt… not sure where that went! haha

  3. Rainshine says:

    May I ask where in Georgia? I’m from Brunswick :)

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