This illustration almost slipped right by me! Did it a few months back.

The lovely limbs belong to this beauty… can you tell?

This summer weather is giving me serious cabin fever… all I want to do is be outside.  Don’t you miss the days when we had the summers off? I’m talkin elementary school… when there wasn’t even the option of getting a summer job.  Just playing outside and building forts in the woods. Days of pure creativity!

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10 Responses to SUMMER DAYS

  1. Reyna Lay says:

    I love your illustrations! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I would love to know where you get your silhouettes/croquis from. Do you use a certain template or create them from scratch? Also, what kind of markers do you use? Prismacolor? If so what kind! Anyways, just wanted to let you know that your illustrations are gorgeous! New follower here for sure!! :)

  2. Jess says:

    Haha, instantly knew it was her partly thanks to that skirt and shoes! Lovely illustration, as always! :)

  3. Susana says:

    Me encantan tus ilustraciones, realmente eres una artista! Eres muy inspiradora!!

  4. Obsessed with your work! You are so talented and I cannot say enough about it :)

    xo, S

  5. Kathleen says:

    I always miss summer vacation around this time of year… I loved everything about it when I was a kid. :)

  6. Ana C. says:

    How lovely! I love summerdays and summer clothe! Such a lovely work! Will ever come to Portugal to give a workshop or something? I’m in! Kind regards!

  7. Krista says:

    Love this one…so much! Blair rocks the pointed toes so well.

  8. Mariana says:

    Love this too- especially how the shirt peaks out from underneath. And the glitter- always love the glitter! :)

  9. Love so muck this one that i printed and took a picture with it! (: I posted the picture here:

  10. Arte Banale says:

    Hey! I ‘ve find this ilustration on Pinterst and I fell in love! I coundn’t resist and I made a small calendar with it.
    I hope it’s ok for You.

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