How was your weekend? It flew by way too quickly, didn’t it?

Painting these pastries was no easy task I tell ya! I had to fight back the urge to run to the nearest bakery for the real thing the entire time…! Ha!

I’ve been working on a video to show you guys my process from start to finish… hopefully it will be ready to share soon. Speaking of videos, did you ever see this one?

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7 Responses to CARB HEAVEN

  1. Francesca says:

    Sooo sweet! :D

  2. Elana says:

    These are adorable. Are they super tiny?

  3. paperfashion says:

    They are super tiny :)!

  4. Kimi Holmes says:

    beautiful and yummy! love!

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  6. PuritsuChan says:

    uwaaa~ lovely.. as usual.. :)
    anyway, I tried to make some peanut illustrations for my cookies container here.. :P

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