i know how frustrating it can be learning new things. trust me, i’ve been trying to learn spanish fluently for what seems like forever.

i’m sure some of you feel like you’ll never quite get the hang of something. whether it be watercolors, drawing, or whatever! believe it or not, i was not so great in the beginning…at all! it takes LOTS of time, practice, and passion.

the process of learning is what makes your art unique. you develop your style, and your own techniques. it’s the greatest part of art if you ask me!

ralph waldo emerson quote

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3 Responses to TRUE STORY

  1. sophia cox says:

    Thank you for this, I needed to hear it!

  2. em says:

    hey I’m an illustrator from Mexico, well at least an aspiring one… if you ever need help with spanish or someone to practice with…don’t hestitate to ask!

  3. BEA says:

    This is amazing, I somehow do not reach the point of being good at what I love, and sometimes i am ashamed to show my stuff cuz it is way too amateur… And then youbhear people say well but you’re really good, so I guess its all about practice and not giving up… And so funny Im from Mexico too and ( not to brag) my spanish is amazing haha but truly my dutch and french are as well pretty good, just in case you need them anytime ;)

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