so, this is my workspace! the whole working from home thing has proven to be a lot more difficult than it seems… but having a cool area to work in makes it a little bit easier.

but really. how do you freelancers do it? working from home can be so distracting sometimes. i’ll give it a little bit longer to set in (it’s only been 5 days), but i’m already leaning towards finding a studio space nearby.

oh. and if you want to see real photos of my workspace… look here. i post some once in a while.

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  1. Kendall says:

    hahaha I thought for a smidge this would be an actual photo, but I am so happy the light details in here are fabulous!

    one day I want to see it =)

  2. Dora B. says:

    This is so cute :)

  3. blanca says:

    Awesome space! I work from home too, starting my shoe business…its so distracting, but I’ve found several work spaces in madrid, apparently its the place to be for freelancers, great for networking! Ur space is lovely, I wish mine was like that! Good luck!

  4. Jerlyn says:

    Love the set up.

    When I freelanced, I would take breaks by working at small coffee shops. So, a few hours at home and a few hours outdoors. Helps if you have portable wireless and well, I can take my work on the go.

  5. Flara says:

    gorgeous studio and G O R G E O U S illustration! cool:) xx


  7. I definitely need a designated space but there really isn’t a good spot for one that isn’t either completely cut off from the rest of the house or cluttered and distracting! I always either end up using my bed or the couch- neither of which are all that conducive to getting any work done!
    I love your space and I love your artwork!

  8. miranda says:

    i haven’t made it to the freelancing part yet…still working on creating a space to just create! …it is very distracting working at home though. i agree. i do most of my work on the computer so the internet is one click away! ah! love the animation by the way!! :)

  9. Laura Kay says:

    love love the illo as usual! btw do you miss your job? is is a freelancing better option?

  10. Suzanna says:

    I pinned this, I love it! I also shared a link on my blog.

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