Oh Miu Miu… how did you create such perfect shoes?

First off. I apologize for the lack of ‘glitz’ my illustrations are (not)giving… I’m not sure why the silver glitter did not shine as well for their photographer (my scanner). Which is why I’ve included an image of the actual shoe, so you can appreciate their magic.

I was roaming around twitter yesterday, and @BarneysNY is hosting a contest- you have to tell them what kind of shoe you are and why… and well… i instantly thought of these gorgeous pieces of art! It’s funky… with a little bit of sparkle and class! <3

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12 Responses to MIU MIU SPARKLE

  1. salomé says:

    beautiful drawing… ;))

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  2. Mona says:

    Those shoes are hot!

  3. Love these shoes, and they’re definitely you!!! Amazing illustrations!! <3

    Hope you're having a great day!

  4. manu says:

    im absolutely in love with your work. im a fashion student and i loveeeee to draw. i never knew about ur website until today and today i saw all of ur posts ! you have inspired me!! just wanted to say thanks !!

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  6. joanna says:

    KATIE! these are AMAZING!!!!!

  7. annah says:

    you are SO talented, i look forward to you posting so much! Skiiiilllssss!

    Annah xx


  8. sam says:

    Amazing!!! I would get one in every style, boots are always in! Especially Miu Miu :)



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