I am diggin the looks from J.Crew this year!

Everything is so colorful and cool with a hint of nerd… I like that. This Fall 2011 look sums it all up… yet it is so simple. Jenna Lyons + her design team sure are dreamin up some pretty things!

It’s extra rainy and gross here today… I need something bright in my life!

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  1. so gorgeous, always impressed by your work. you really make it your own and have your own artistic style but you stay true to the original image, which i think is really important in fashion illustration. (well you make it better lol)


  2. january says:

    the whole collection is INCREDIBLE and your talent completely does it justice. these are beautiful.

    january, x

  3. i love your work and the glitters.. anyway i have looked that jcrew website.. it’s cool. you might want to check zara.com maybe you like it :)

  4. Kaye Beeh says:

    Agreed. fall 2011 looks amazing. one of their photos i put as my smartphone’s background.

  5. Your work is absolutely stunning. I’m a sucker for glitter any day of the week, 365 days of the year and now I’m hooked on your illustrations. Great Pinterest interview. Enjoy Barcelona!

    Stylishly yours,

  6. I love this! The use of glitter brings this whole piece to life. Wonderful.

  7. I love this! The use of glitter brings this whole piece to life. Wonderful.

    My illustrations:


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  9. Hi! First of all; what a fabulous painting!

    I’m a swedish girl on fourteen, soon fifteen, years. Ever since I was a tiny, tiny girl I’ve love drawing, specially with pencil….actually I’ve only draw with pencil. In december last year I found your blog, and since then it have been one of my biggest insperation, and I’ve actually started paint with watercolour.

    lot of hugs,

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