Susie Susie Susie

I know… another illustration of Susie Bubble! It’s hard not to when she has so many amazing looks floating around the internet. She’s definitely one of my favorite style ladies to illustrate! No one is quite as colorful as her…… <3

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17 Responses to Susie Susie Susie

  1. Kate McAuley says:

    Hey lovely one – me thinks you got a girl crush on the Bubble!

    Beautiful illustration as always.


  2. mll mag says:

    beautiful drawing as always… ;D

  3. kenny says:

    gosh!!! your illustrations are all so beautiful, you are now one of my fash inspirations i put your link on my sidebar XD

  4. Glitter for the win :>
    I love how the shoes came out!

  5. Charmaine Hurst says:

    I really like the illustrations.The glitter and colors are great!!They seem to looked 3d loooking as if they are coming right off the paper.Great effect!!!

  6. i so love all this glitter you have been USING!!! THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! xoxoxo Kim

  7. sarah says:

    ah more glitter, love it lol!!!

  8. aurelija says:

    Lovely :)

  9. Hey! I love the glitters on the illustrations…. do you still get the same spark when you scan the illustrations?

  10. Ella says:

    this is beautiful
    i love susie and how she puts herself together!

  11. Susie is wicked clever and so is your glitter wit and wisdom. Loves it!

  12. danielle says:

    love the glitter!

  13. Oh my goodness… your work is stunning! Love love this one of Susie.

  14. ElyZa says:

    I just discovered you blog trough Susie’s. I really love your style!
    I’m trying to improve my drawing skills (I studied art both at high school and university), do you have any suggestions? What kind of techniques do you use?

    Thank you :)

  15. You are soo inspiring, may I email you and ask some fashion illustration questions? I adore your designs!! I love how you use the sparkles, keep it up! <3 Hope you're having a great week!

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