I was rearranging furniture today and placed my watercolors on top of a box lamp… next thing I know, I smell burning! My watercolors fell into the lamp… and this is what happened. I’ve had this set since I was super young…

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  1. @fashionluvr says:

    If you put it in a white canvas frame that is deep enough to fit, it could come off as modern art.

  2. aw sorry for that! It’s all about sentimental value, I understand. I’ve had mine since 7th grade! haha. But now u have a very nifty storry to tell about it!


  3. Superlra14 says:

    aww. poor watercolors. r.i.p. lol.

  4. bob g says:

    smells like burning~

  5. KiraSherrine says:

    Wow … sorry to hear that….

  6. Angel says:

    colorful disaster

  7. Mae says:

    Aw, that really sucks. I’m sorry to hear about your paints.

    I just recently found your blog, and I have to say, you are an AMAZING artist. If I had a quarter of the talent that you have I would be thrilled. Also, it appears you work with water colors. I find water colors to be difficult, so coo dos for working so well with a difficult medium.

    Never quit painting. ;)


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