Work In Progress…

Just a quick marker sketch for now :)


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16 Responses to Work In Progress…

  1. Vincent says:

    I would love to be her friend.

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  3. Styln says:


  4. PatrĂ­cia (from brazil) says:

    Your sketches are totally awesome!!!!Inspiring!!!!

  5. dragon333 says:

    ewwwwww but cool

  6. Casey Melton says:

    Look at that my sketch was a possible related post. Beautiful colors on the clothes.

  7. Lola says:

    LOVE that! especially the boots!=)))))

  8. OMG I love those clothes O_o
    Sooo stilish and Fashionable

  9. Love Shirt <3
    WAn It

  10. anonomous says:

    WOW. thats all i hav to say is wow! this is a quick marker sketch to u but crazy good. i love drawing fashion and i think this is great. love it. great work, u r an artist!

  11. tiera says:

    i love this sooo much! wow! i am a fasion desiger in the making and i sketch alot but hate coloring with regular markers, crayons, or color pencils. What kind of markers do designers usually color and draw with?

  12. gr says:

    UGLY as hell

    • kdm says:

      well, clearly, you don’t know what real art is and what real beauty is..

  13. Jorge says:

    Hi, I like your illustrations alot I went through all of these illustrations this one is one of my favorites. I looked through your work to study the fashion illustrations which help me alot since I am studying art and I had one of my assingments was a fashion illustration but I couldn’t fine any I thought where good or had a great style. Your are great, and I have finished my assignment.

  14. Darlin says:

    love this!:]
    its really what all the
    teens want to wear right
    Its amazing

  15. Designer-In-Training says:

    Really good design
    I’d love to wear it
    Love the cage knee-high boots with thigh-high socks
    youre really talented at designing

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